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Take Your Worker’s Compensation Claim Seriously

Being injured on the job is no one’s goal in life. These debilitating injuries can have lifelong impacts, and can put the financial stability of a whole family at risk. That is what makes a claim so much more serious, and what makes it more frustrating when claims are not being taken seriously. At Philpot Law Firm, Irv Philpot knows how frustrating that can be. As the Philpot’s worker’s compensation specialist, he has seen countless cases, and the very real people behind them. His unique perspective not only gives him the expertise to handle almost any worker’s compensation case, but also gives him a very real emotional connection to these cases.

“My job is literally helping people, that’s what keeps me coming back”, said Irv, “I get to help these people get their lives back, something very few people can say.” And that is what Philpot focuses on, helping these people return to the way their lives were before they were injured and had to file a worker’s compensation claim. Whether that be through straight financial means, or allocating specialist care for their injuries. From specialist MRI, CAT scans, rehabilitation and therapy, and anything else the client may need. Sometimes therapy is not enough thoug

h, and Philpot wants to make sure that if you were earning money for your family, that you have the ability to continue providing, and hopefully not stress about money.

What is important to Irv is that worker’s compensation cases are in his office as soon as possible. “If it were possible, I’d be at the incident when it happens. Because documentation is the most important.” He reiterated that the closer to the incident the client gets legal help, the better.

“There will be insurance adjusters day one trying to get a worker’s compensation client to sign something that is less than the value they deserve, and if you sign it, you can’t go back.”

Irv stresses, when you find yourself injured in the workplace, and needing to file a worker’s compensation claim, come to the Philpot family. No one fights for you like family