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The Philpots: Greenville Lawyers for 37 Years

The Philpot family has been in Greenville for three generations. The Greenville area is more than where they work, it is their home. The Philpots are Greenville Lawyers, and they have been an active member of the community for more than 37 years. Henry Philpot, the eldest, made sure of that. Henry has insisted on maintaining the same phone number for 37 years, a statement to his focus on reachability, and reliability. Every member of the family carries this mindset, focusing on being a consistent and reliable place for those who need legal help to turn.

“We want to be a voice you can trust and that you can rely on” said the youngest of the Philpots, Bo. “That’s really what it’s all about. Having the same phone number, and building for 37 years shows that we are here to stay. We can be trusted, and you know we will be here for years to come.” The Philpot family are Greenville Lawyers, and they are here to help the community. Outside of their law practice, each of them is an active member of their community. Each member makes an effort to reach out and help the Greenville area as much as they can. Their name is not just synonymous with their law firm, but with their efforts and support of the community they call home

The Philpot family prides themselves on both being Greenville Lawyers, and by being active members of the Greenville community. By calling the Greenville area their home for three generations, they have proven that they are here to stay. Unlike many lawfirms, which are just now growing into the Greenville area, the Philpot family has been Greenville Lawyers for 37 years, and prided themselves on their commitment to their community. The Philpots are Greenville Lawyers, Greenville citizens, and a Greenville Family, and nobody fights for you like family