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The Philpot Family, and Their Law Firm


The Philpots are first and foremost a family. The Philpot law firm has three generations at its helm, guiding it and their clients, and this brings the eldest, Henry Philpot, great pride. He has grown his law firm into more than just a company, he has created another home for his family and those that need help. The Philpots welcome anyone who is in need with open arms, ready to set their lives straight.

The Philpot Law Firm fights for anyone who they think has a case, and almost all are represented. The Philpot family of injury lawyers works to represent any case they can, from auto accidents, accidental or wrongful death, workplace injuries, to injuries otherwise such as dog bites or slip and fall injuries. The Philpots see it as an honor and a matter of trust when allowed to lead a client through their case, and as such are completely honest and open about the process. Much like family, they will tell the truth, even if it is not exactly what the client wants to hear.

That is what makes Philpot different, they never view a client as a number or ticket price, they view every client as a person and like a member of their family. This family of Injury lawyers is seeking to get their clients their rightful compensation, and are deeply invested in the well being of every client that steps through their doors. They don’t just need to know about your injury, they want to know everything. What your life was like before your auto accident, before the dog bite, or before your injury. They want to know this because they care about getting you back to the way things were. They want to fight for you, and no one fights for you like family.