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The Heart of the Matter:

Being a Successful Attorney

I don’t remember when I didn’t want to be an attorney when I was growing up. It was all I ever knew, and it was all I ever thought of. My mom even laminated a comic clip that read: “When I grow up, I don’t want to be a lady; I want to be a lawyer.”

The inspiration for this lifelong desire and pursuit, one that led me into the career I now eat, breathe, and sleep, came from my dad. Dad had a strong belief in our legal system and in fighting for justice. That belief, more a conviction and commitment, plus a heart for people and helping those who had been wronged, is what inspired me. Dad was committed to helping those who were wronged, whatever the cost or sacrifice of his time or energy. It was that which convicted me and made me want to do the same.

Dad believes to this day in our system of laws and especially in the tort system. He taught me that when someone breaks the law, causing someone harm, we as citizens have a duty to make sure that wrong is put right. Attorneys have a special duty in this, a charge, and it was a charge he took very seriously. He took it to “heart.”

Though he practiced in other areas of the law for many years, I think fighting for the injured was what he was always meant to do. He had a “heart” for it and for them. And he passed that passion along to me, my two brothers, and now my nephew.

We are all members of the law firm he established. We all share his heart for the law and his heart for people. It inspires us to work hard and makes us good at what we do.

We Care. Our Work is More Than Just a Job.

Our family has lived and worked in the upstate of South Carolina for over 100 years. We have deep roots here and a strong sense of responsibility to the people who also live and work here. Our love of the Upstate and its people, coupled with the sense of justice instilled in each one of us, drives us to work harder for our clients. It makes us stronger and more dedicated than other attorneys. It causes us to fight hard to get our clients the best settlements.

We believe in our laws, and we believe in our clients. At the Philpot Law Firm, we truly “Fight for you Like Family.”

Elizabeth “Liz” Hope Philpot

Phone: 864-242-1366
Toll Free: 866-853-3497
Fax: 864-242-1566

Primary Focus: Personal Injury Litigation, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Injuries and Wrongful Death. Professional Affiliations: South Carolina Association for Justice (SCAJ), South Carolina Bar Association, Greenville County Bar Association.