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The 7 Steps of a Personal Injury Case

Have you been injured on the job or hurt in an accident due to someone’s negligence? If so, you are likely weighing the pros and cons of filing a personal injury or workers compensation claim. (Hopefully you’ve already been through our 5 Steps to Take if You’ve Been Injured at Work.) After thinking through your options and receiving your free consultation from Philpot Law Firm, you’ve decided to move forward in pursuing your case. So, what happens next? We’ve broken it down for you, so you know exactly what to expect during your workers compensation or personal injury case. As the vast majority of cases settle outside of court, this list will focus on the milestones in a case pre-litigation.

1. Investigation and Review

To begin, your attorney will meet with you and go through every detail of your accident. We want to know everything about your injuries and any medical treatments you have already received. Be as thorough as possible when answering questions during this process so we can cover every angle!

2. Medical Treatment

As you proceed to go about the remainder of the treatment for your injuries, your attorney will be regularly checking in with you before and after every visit with your doctors. This is to ensure we have an accurate understanding and account of your damages during the recovery process.

3. Maximum Medical Improvement

Once you have achieved a level of recovery known as Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), we will review all of the details surrounding your case one last time before we prepare your settlement demand package. We want to make sure we properly identify all medical providers, locate all relevant forms of coverage, understand the details surrounding your damages, etc.

4. Ordering Medical Records and Bills

Medical records and medical bills are the lifeblood of any workers comp or personal injury case. Our skilled and experienced staff know how to secure this vital information in the most efficient and expedient manner possible.

5. Putting Together A Demand Package

Once we have all the evidence we need to present your damages, we will put together a demand letter outlining the facts surrounding your case and our arguments in favor of a fair and just settlement in your claim.

6. Negotiations

After the adjuster has been given a reasonable amount of time to review the demand letter, we will begin settlement negotiations. This normally entails a good bit of back and forth between the attorney and adjuster before an agreeable settlement offer can be reached.

7. Disbursement

After we have secured, what we are convinced to be, the top dollar settlement offer from the adjuster we will bring the client in to discuss it. At that time, we will collectively make the decision to either accept the settlement offer or, if the case is being undervalued, file suit.

No case is alike, and the process to reaching an agreeable settlement for your case may look a little different. However, it helps to be prepared in knowing what your case could potentially entail. Rest assured, your caring Philpot attorney will be with you every step of the way, working tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve!

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