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Staying Safe this Summer and Having Fun!

Summer is a special time of year. The kids are out of school, the sun is shining bright, and it’s a great season to travel and get outside. No matter where you’re going, it’s important to keep the family safe so that you can focus on the fun! With just a few basic pieces of knowledge, you can ensure your summer activities will be safe and exciting!

Water Works

Sitting poolside, hanging out at the lake, or spending time on the beach are definitely top of the list when it comes to the perfect summer day. Whenever you’re near a body of water, there are a few key things to remember.

  1. Keep an eye on the weather! Storms will pop up out of nowhere during the summer season and it’s important to make sure you have a plan to take shelter and stay dry!
  2. Secondly, always keeping an eye on the kids! Especially if you’re out at the lake or swimming, make sure you have an appropriate life jacket for them (and you, too!).

Hitting the Trails

Hiking is a favorite pastime in our beautiful state of South Carolina and nearby North Carolina and Georgia. There are so many good spots and trails! Planning ahead and packing the essentials will keep your trek smooth and safe.

  1. Bring water! Staying hydrated and having plenty of water is a must when you’re out on the trail.
  2. Let a family member or friend know where you’re going and long you’ll be gone. You can also fill out a hiker identification card that is available at the start of most trails.

Backyard BBQ

It’s easy to forget about taking safety measures when you’re in your own backyard. Especially if you’re grilling out, make sure you take the proper measures while you prepare your delicious food!

  1. Keep kids and pets away from the grill at all times and never leave it unattended.
  2. If you’re ending the night with a campfire and s’mores, follow the same precautions. In addition, keep a hose or bucket of water nearby in case of an emergency.

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