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South Carolina Auto Accidents Can Have A Happy Outcome

A school bus driver is being called a hero after he helped to get all 20 students safely off his bus after an accident. The driver was ready with all the kids evacuated, and their names and birth dates written down for authorities who shortly after, arrived on the scene. The driver was alert and aware when he ushered the middle school and high school students off the bus, which aided in his ability to get the kids off the bus in less than 41 seconds. The incident occurred on April 27. A driver of a pickup truck crossed the center line and slammed into the bus. The force wedged the pickup under the bus, and then caught fire. Rescue workers took over an hour to free the man from the wreck. Four of the students were taken to a local hospital with injuries not thought to be life-threatening.

When auto accidents happen, especially those that involve school buses with children on board, the tension can run high and parents will worry. Having a school official at the helm who is aware of the surroundings and prepared should the unthinkable happen, is priceless. For the four students who were injured, the parents have the right to seek compensation for any incurred medical bills and lost wages in a civil lawsuit. An attorney can help guide parents in the steps necessary to possibly secure payment to cover the expenses.

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