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Professional Assistance When You Need Us Most

Being struck by a moving vehicle is a terrifying and dangerous experience. Depending on the circumstances of your accident and your medical recovery, pain and suffering may continue for years to come.

Your future is worth a free initial consultation with Philpot Law Firm PA. We will help you navigate your options and provide reliable advice about what options are best for you. Our team will consider the facts and tell you if your case will lead to a successful lawsuit.

When Your Life Is Threatened

The first thing you should do after being hit by a moving car is seek immediate medical attention. Even if you are not currently in pain, there are many injuries that can cause building discomfort later on. Once you are safe, you may worry about missed work, health care bills and other damages you have sustained as a result of your experience. That’s why you should call our team.

Giving You Peace of Mind

With our depth of experience, we know how to fight effectively for your rights. We will collect the facts, determine fault and work with you to measure your economic and emotional loss. We will build a winning case to make your recovery as hassle free as possible. When you need us most, you can trust our team to work tirelessly to make your future secure.

A Law Office That Puts You First

We care about our clients. You can trust our experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate legal team to take all necessary steps to get you the settlement you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.