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Safety Tips for Spring

Temperatures have been unseasonably warm here in the Upstate lately. Even though we know winter isn’t quite over, it already feels like spring has sprung! While we are looking forward to the flowers blooming, warm sunshine, and longer hours of daylight, spring comes with its own set of safety concerns. To help keep you safe during the changing of the seasons, we’ve gathered a few tips so you can enjoy spring to the fullest!

Weather Changes

The weather can rapidly change this time of year. We are still susceptible to freezing temperatures which can cause hazardous road conditions, especially on early morning commutes. Spring showers and heavy rainfalls can also create unsafe conditions. Always be prepared for all types of weather and check the forecast before leaving the house.

Increased Activity

With beautiful weather and extended daylight hours, you may notice an increase in traffic. Especially as students finish up their school year or go on spring break, you may notice your favorite places or commutes seem a little busier. While you’re out and about, always follow traffic rules and posted speed limits. Stay on high alert and don’t get distracted by looking at your phone, playing music too loud, or trying to multi-task while driving.

Spring Cleaning

A lot of us like to do some extra cleaning and organizing this time of year. While an injury from cleaning may not be top of your mind, it is still important to remain careful. If you’re moving heavy objects or furniture, get help if possible to avoid straining a muscle or dropping the object. If your cleaning involves getting up onto a ladder, have someone there to help keep you steady and never climb up too far.

We love springtime in the Upstate and look forward to it every year! Hopefully these tips will help you and your loved ones enjoy an injury-free season! If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, call our personal injury lawyers immediately. Our family of accident lawyers will get in touch with you within 24 hours for a free consultation.

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