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Your Rightful Compensation for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

The workers’ compensation system is not designed for those who are hurt. It is better for the bottom line if the insurance company adjuster negotiates a lower settlement with the injured person. Although it may seem more fortunate to receive the settlement money immediately, in truth, this settlement could only be a fraction of the case’s total worth. As the Philpot Family, we fight for our clients to receive just and fair compensation. We do this by caring about our clients and becoming deeply involved in the process.

The Philpot Family starts a workers’ compensation case by making sure the details of the accident are accurately documented. Proper documentation can work as a safety net should things go wrong later or help guarantee that clients are taken care of in the future. This is important because most problems don’t start as big, life-changing issues. Sure, there are the obvious issues which need intensive and immediate care, but what about lingering back pain, continued visits to doctors, long-term medical assistance, or medication? With an insurance adjuster or a cut-rate lawyer, these issues could become the clients’ burden and their quick settlement money could quickly disappear.

Getting just and fair compensation also requires diligent follow-through and attention to detail. Clients become members of the Philpot Family the moment they walk through the firm’s front door. Much like a family, the Philpots are there through thick and thin, ensuring our clients can count on us during the toughest parts of their case. The firm’s goal is to help return our clients’ lives to the way they were before the accident. This singular goal makes certain clients leave the Philpot office happy and on their way to a brighter future.

If you are injured on the job, let the Philpot family of lawyers get you your rightful compensation, because “nobody fights for you like family.”