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The following is a list of some of the results Philpot Law Firm, PA has obtained for our clients. Each case is different, and we cannot guarantee a specific result for your case. This list is not intended to describe the quality of our services or to create an expectation about the results our lawyers can achieve. However, it is simply a list of some of the more significant verdicts and settlements obtained by our lawyers.

$2,200,000– Settlement obtained for a motorcyclist who was catastrophically injured after a negligent motorist pulled out from a stop sign directly into his lane of travel.

$300,000– Settlement for a client who sustained injury to his left shoulder after a logging truck that had lost control grazed the driver’s side of his truck. The  impact resulted in injury to his left shoulder. After a complicative course of conservative treatment the client underwent surgical repair.  Subsequent to a lawsuit being filed and lengthy litigation a settlement was obtained at mediation.

$225,000– Premises liability settlement–Client tripped over structural defect existing at her rental home and fell down stairs resulting in a broken arm and leg.  Client had numerous pre-existing illnesses that complicated recovery and led to an extended hospitalization.  Ultimately, the stress from the trauma from the fall and the many procedures she underwent to treat her injuries, coupled with her poor health, led to her death. Liability was hotly contested and the case was ultimately settled at meditation after lengthy and contentious litigation.

$2,732,000– Verdict for individual who sustained severe injuries resulting in disability as the result of a collision caused by a driver for a large national department store chain.

$1,000,000– Total settlement obtained for a man who was mistaken for an intruder in the middle of the night and was shot by the homeowner despite being forewarned he was coming to visit. The man sustained life threatening injuries but fortunately survived despite a long and painful recovery.

$1,000,000– Total settlement to include wrongful death/survival and personal injury claim for incident occurring on I-85 where motorist while driving too fast for conditions lost control and struck the father of an adult son who was helping his father attend to his disabled vehicle in the emergency lane. The father who was struck by the passing motorist ultimately died from his injuries and the adult son who was the only surviving heir, sustained physical injuries that were neither severe nor permanent.

$572,500– Total settlement obtained for a man who underwent surgery to his cervical spine after what initially appeared to be a minor wreck. His vehicle was struck on driver’s side quarter panel by a tractor trailer forcing him to run his vehicle upon an adjacent curb. Despite minimal property damage the man began to suffer from increasing pain in his cervical spine. Within weeks he was forced to be excused from his job and shortly thereafter underwent surgery to his cervical spine. Unfortunately, the man was unable to return to his employment. The claim was vigorously defended on grounds of causation and allegations of pre-existing injury. The claim was initially completely denied pre-suit. After lengthy and extensive litigation, the parties involved were able to agree to settlement.

$543,000– Total settlement for a husband, wife and teenage son who were severely injured as the result of a police pursuit.

$515,000– Combined workers compensation settlement and third-party settlement due to client who was injured on the job while staying out of town at a motel whose ceiling collapsed causing spinal injuries that resulted in a cervical fusion and disability.

$500,000– Settlement for individual who was forced to undergo a lumbar fusion with resultant disability due to injuries sustained in a collision with a local contractor.

$480,000– Total settlement for a woman who was severely injured when the driver of the vehicle she was traveling in ran a stop sign. Upon further investigation it was determined the stop sign had been partially obscured from the driver’s view and was a contributing factor to the collision that resulted from the driver’s failure to stop at the sign. In addition to obtaining the liability limits from the at-fault driver we were able to obtain a substantial recovery from the city and homeowner both of whom we alleged were responsible for ensuring the stop sign would not become obscured from view.

$310,000– Settlement for a local firefighter who was injured and forced to undergo lumbar fusion when he was rear-ended by the driver of a local wrecker company.

$250,000– Settlement of wrongful death/survival action brought on behalf of adult children against the State Transport Police due to the negligence of one of its officers. Deceased elderly client was initially found to be at-fault in the collision for failure to yield the right of way.

$250,000– Settlement of wrongful death/survival action brought by decedent’s adult children. Decedent was a passenger on moped driven by intoxicated driver. The other motorist involved was initially found not to be responsible by the officers that investigated the accident.

$249,500– Workers’ compensation settlement obtained for client who was pinned to the wall of a tractor trailer as the result of an overloaded pallet that shifted onto him causing permanent injury to his neck, left shoulder, and fingers.

$247,500– Settlement for driver of moped who sustained severe facial fractures after Defendant driver made a left-hand turn in front of him.

$240,000– Workers’ compensation settlement for individual who lost his hand in a press machine.

$226,035.92– Workers’ compensation settlement for client who injured her back while lifting auto parts at the facility where she was employed.

$225,000– Workers’ compensation settlement for individual who sustained severe injuries as the result of falling off a bridge.

$125,000– Premises liability settlement- Client sustained wrist fracture that necessitated surgery as the result of a fall that occurred at local apartment complex.