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What Types of Cases Do We Handle?

What kind of cases do personal injury lawyers take on? If we had to take a guess, you probably aren’t researching this question for fun. This question is usually researched after an accident has already happened, unfortunately. If this is the case for you, don’t worry! We are going to break everything down so you have a better idea of what our services are and how we can help.

At Philpot Law Firm, we are an experienced family of personal injury lawyers located here in Upstate South Carolina. We understand that there are multiple difficulties and frustrations associated with a serious personal injury. These physical injuries are painful, often long lasting, and there can be financial stress due to lost wages and medical care. Not to mention, the psychological pain of not being able to work or enjoy life as you did before. To best serve our community and clients, we focus on the following practice areas:

Personal Injury

Accidents happen daily, but that doesn’t mean the harm they cause is any less significant. Accidents involving a drunk driver, vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or tractor trailer can cause devastating consequences. When you are the victim of accident that wasn’t your fault, you may need financial help to repair or replace your vehicle or pay for medical coverage. You and your family shouldn’t suffer because someone didn’t follow the rules of the road.

While motor vehicle accidents are most common, personal injury also includes dog bites, slip & fall (premises liability) and other bodily injuries through no fault of your own. No matter the situation, our team can help you get back on your feet, negotiate with your insurance company, and get the compensation you deserve.

Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one in a fatal accident, our family is here to provide some relief and compassion. We understand that loss is extremely painful, especially if it is a result of negligent actions or misconduct from another party. Our attorneys want to help make your recovery easier by fighting for your right to compensation. These funds may help cover the deceased’s future earnings, funeral expenses, medical expenses and more. During a time of suffering, we’ll fight for you and support you every step of the way. The last thing your family needs is additional stress, which is why we manage everything about your case on your behalf.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation benefits and dealing with insurance can be stressful and confusing. If you have been denied benefits, our firm can guide you through the appeals process and work toward getting the compensation you deserve. We will assist in obtaining the medical care you need and the recovery of lost wages. Your attorney will also navigate claims and fight any insurer tactics aimed to keep you from getting what you deserve. We fight for you so you can focus on recovery!

There are many situations where it is important to have a lawyer on your side. Our firm is dedicated to helping the injured recover compensation. Contact us today for a FREE consultation on your case with one of our experienced attorneys. Nobody Fights For You Like Family.

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