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Meet the Family

The Philpot Law Firm, a family law firm centrally located in Greenville, South Carolina is one who take great pride in serving their clients. Always warm and welcoming, the Philpot Law Firm is eager to help those in need, often going above and beyond for their clients. They treat everyone like family and are true to their slogan, “Nobody fights for you like family.”

The family includes founder Henry Philpot who is the senior member of the family with over 60 years of law experience. He has helped the practice grow with a focus on caring for clients. Henry has had the good fortune to work with his family and to watch his family grow. “I’m very proud of all of them,” Henry shared.

And he should be, with not one or two lawyers in the family practice, but five. Each one having their own specialty knowledge and focus working in a constructive and supportive environment. Their collaborative effort provides a breadth and depth of legal knowledge.

The family members include Bo Philpot, the youngest in the practice; Liz Philpot who specializes in auto accidents; Eric Philpot who works as a personal injury attorney, Irv Philpot, who specializes in workers’ compensation. Along with Henry, the entire family takes pride in the reputation that their name has carried in Upstate South Carolina, working hard to maintain a presence as trustworthy, warm and helpful people.

Irv said it best, “Our job is to help people. That’s what we do.” The Philpot Law Firm family works to get lives back together after auto accidents or job injury accidents and they look out for their clients like they are family. Not only do they work to better people in the courtroom, but the Philpot family can be found volunteering with local churches and charities. Together they help Greenville to be the wonderful city it is. You can rest easy with a Philpot in your corner.