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Eric Philpot on Wrongful Death Cases

When you lose a loved one due to the negligence of another person, it is never easy. The weight of losing someone alone is too much for one person to bear, but the added stresses that come with the legal processes in a wrongful death case that follow make it almost impossible. Eric Philpot has seen it too many times, as the wrongful death expert at the Philpot Law Firm he has seen what it can do to a family. But he has also seen the good his work can do.

“I’ve seen a physical weight lifted off my clients shoulders before”, he said, “it is all just too much for anyone to handle.” Eric takes great pride in his work, knowing that he is helping a family become whole again. The processes to gaining wrongful death compensation can be exhausting, but Eric works to guide his clients through until the end.

Eric is happy with his work, “being able to help a family is the most rewarding thing I do.” Seeking justice on behalf of a family that needs his help is rewarding in its own way. In a perfect world he would not have any cases, but helping those that need it, righting wrongs, and making families closer to whole means that he is doing some good in a bad situation.

When a loved one has been killed by the negligent acts of another, there are many steps necessary to ensuring rightful compensation. Eric is ready to lead his clients through the complicated processes, and has the experience to ensure that every measure is taken to make his client’s family whole again. From establishing an estate, to guiding them through the probate process, all of it would be too overwhelming for a grieving family. Eric’s focus is simply to ease this burden, and to have his client’s wrongful death case be the first step towards making their family whole again. Eric fights for these families like they were his own, and no one fights for you like family.