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Dog Bites and Pedestrian Safety: Staying Safe This Halloween

Halloween is an enjoyable night for families, but it’s also a time of year when there’s a significantly increased possibility of injury.  Motor vehicle accidents and dog bites are common causes of injuries during Halloween. In emergency departments each year, more than 350,000 dog bite victims are treated. This is due to a variety of factors. It’s good to note that even obedient animals can easily become intimidated and aggressive when confronted with off-putting sounds, new smells, and sights of people walking in or around their house. Dogs can become easily spooked when strange or new activities seem out of the ordinary. Pedestrian safety is also a top priority during this holiday, as many children are walking on the road or being driven around for trick-or-treating. Extreme caution for pedestrians and drivers is a must!

Taking Precautions with Dogs

 Parents can take a variety of precautions to keep their kids safe from becoming dog bite victims. It’s recommended that you sit down with them prior to trick-or-treating and go over what to do if they come across an unfamiliar animal. It’s also important to discuss that even dogs they’ve met before may still be a threat to them. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help keep you and your children safe this Halloween. Consider the following:

  • Never approach a dog you are unfamiliar with.
  • Never interact or pet the dog without the owner’s permission and presence.
  • Parents keep an eye on kids at all times, especially when an animal is near. Children who are not constantly monitored and get too close to an unidentified animal are often the result of dog bite cases.
  • If a dog seems on edge, has a straight tail, or has spikey hair along its back, avoid eye contact, walk away slowly and keep the animal in your peripheral area in case it starts to charge.
  • Steer clear of stray dogs. These are the scenarios where dog bites are most hazardous. Instead of attempting to find or assist a lost dog, contact animal control or 911 to report it.
  • Specific to Halloween, do not try to feed dogs treats and candy you may receive. Not only is it unsafe for the child, it’s often harmful to the dog.
  • Lastly, use good judgment. If something seems off, it probably is!

Pedestrian and Driver Safety

Pedestrians should always use caution, and parents need to be particularly careful in supervising their children to prevent accidents and injuries. We’ve put together a few safety tips for drivers and pedestrians this Halloween.

  • Follow the Road Laws.

At all traffic lights and stop signs, drivers should come to a complete stop. They should follow stated speed limits and avoid aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding and failing to yield.

  • Respect Pedestrian Rules

Pedestrians must remain on the sidewalk. If there are no sidewalks, go as far to the side as possible, facing oncoming traffic. Before attempting to cross the street, look left, then right, then left again. At congested junctions, use designated crosswalks.

  • Distractions should be avoided.

Drivers should avoid using telephones, texting, adjusting GPS settings, or performing any operation that takes their eyes or hands off the road. Pedestrians should keep their heads up and pay attention!

  • Always operate your vehicle sober

If you plan on drinking throughout the evening, make sure you have a designated driver or make plans to get a ride home.

  • Use Extra Caution with Children

Make sure your children understand all road regulations, and never leave adolescents of young age unaccompanied. Reflective tape should be used on Halloween costumes to make them more apparent to passing automobiles, and costumes that drag on the ground or restrict their mobility or eyesight should be avoided.

If You’ve Been Injured

If you or someone you know is injured this Halloween, the first step is getting appropriate medical attention. When dealing with injuries, it’s crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of all involved. The next step in getting fair compensation for the injury is to compile all necessary documentation. This will include medical costs, workdays missed, and overall income loss due to injury.

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