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5 Workers’ Comp Injuries and How to Avoid Them

There are many different kinds of workers’ comp injuries and after four decades in the business, we’ve seen them all. These types of injuries cost both the employee and the employer time and money. Not to mention the disruption of normal life for the injured and the added stress of navigating insurance, doctors appointments, and not being able to work. Today we’re breaking down the 5 most common injuries and how to prevent them from happening.

Slip and Fall

Strains, contusions, sprains, and the list goes on. Slip and Fall accidents are the most common type of personal injury in the workplace. Poor lighting, a cluttered work area, and uneven surfaces are just a few of the factors that can cause this type of injury. Keeping a clean environment and awareness of your surroundings can help prevent trips, slips, and falls.

Heavy Machinery

If you work with or around heavy machinery, safety hazards can potentially be all around you. Whether you work in a factory, with farm equipment, construction equipment, or the like, it’s important to remain properly guarded. The best way to prevent injury in this scenario is to always remain cautious and keep in mind that an injury could occur at any time if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle-related accidents can happen in multiple scenarios. Whether you drive a tractor trailer, or operate another vehicle for work, paying attention to the road is key to avoiding injury. Make sure you always pay attention to road signs and the speed limit.

Fire and Explosions

While fire and explosions in the workplace may seem unlikely for most, it can be more common than you think. Risk factors include faulty gas lines, open flames, or improperly stored materials. Not only can you become injured externally from this type of hazard, you can also damage your respiratory system. Prevent an injury like this by wearing all safety and protective equipment required and making sure every employee has access to safety data sheets.

Repetitive Stress

A lot of injuries in the workplace occur from repetitive or improper movements. This can include manually lifting heavy objects, not taking breaks, or not receiving adequate training to do your job. Stay aware of your body and how it’s feeling during your shift to avoid unnecessary strains.

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