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Drunk Driving and the Holidays

About 28 people in the United States are involved in fatal drunk driving crashes each day. Predictably so, this statistic often increases around the holidays. As we approach the holiday season and gather with friends and family to celebrate, it is important to be focused and aware while driving. Winter weather conditions paired with a higher likelihood of drinking and driving can mean dangerous road conditions. This can turn what is supposed to be the merriest time of year on its head. Philpot Law Firm sees an unfortunate increase every year in drunk driving accidents, as well as road condition-based accidents.

In 2019 alone, there were over 10,000 deaths from drunk-driving crashes (NHTSA). Driving under the influence is illegal in every state, however, people drive impaired every single day. Throw in holiday parties and gatherings, and the road can quickly become one of the most dangerous places to be. Christmas bills are already hard, but tack on medical bills, car repairs, and insurance battles and the season can be ruined for years to come.

Year after year, we see the toll that drunk driving takes on families. If someone is irresponsible enough to get behind the wheel, drive under the influence, and cause serious harm to you or your family, call our firm immediately. Our team of expert attorneys have one goal: to help you get your life back. The Philpot Law Firm wants to help rectify your accident and help you start putting the pieces back together. A drunk driving incident shouldn’t be a holiday memory.

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