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Golf Cart Safety

Golf carts are a pretty common sighting around the Upstate. Whether you spot one downtown Greenville picking up take out or in a residential area headed to a tailgating party with neighbors, this form of transportation is popular in our area. Before you take yours for a spin, it’s important to know the rules and regulations:

  • Your golf cart must be insured, permitted, and registered with the SCDMV. Ready to get started? You can do so here.
  • Once you have a permit, the decal must be placed on the golf cart at all times.
  • The driver must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid drivers license. Even if you are in the seat next to your child, they still can’t drive if they are under the age limit or not a legal driver.
  • Golf carts must stay within 4 miles of the home it is registered to and may only operate during daylight hours.
  • These cruisers can only be driven on roads with posted speeds of less than 35 mph.

We urge you to be careful when operating these machines as there is a high risk of injury. Golf carts do not have seat belts, so be conscientious of who you allow to ride in your cart. Lastly, no drinking and driving! It may be tempting to sip on your favorite beverage while cruising through the neighborhood, but you can be charged with DUI or open container violations while operating the vehicle. Golf carts are a great way to get around and enjoy the beautiful fall weather this time of year. Have fun and stay safe!

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