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Dog Bite and Other Injuries With Liz Philpot

The most prominent causes of injuries in the world are car accidents. But just because they are the most prominent, does not mean that every other form of injury is any less important, or merits any less assistance. Other injuries can be just as detrimental to one’s livelihood, and cause just as much of an impact on one’s life. Injuries ranging from a dog bite, to slip and fall injuries can cause irreparable damage, and medical bills can quickly rack up. These cases need to be taken just as seriously, and putting off starting your case can put your case in jeopardy.

It is important not to disregard your case for these and many other reasons. These cases are harder to pursue, and you need an expert by your side from the beginning. That is Liz Philpot’s specialist role at the Philpot Law Firm. She has years of experience related to injuries other than car accidents, with the most prolific case being dog bite cases.

“I remember a client who was very traumatized by a dog bite, which was a problem for her” Liz said “Because she was a dog groomer and she was afraid of every dog at work. It might not seem serious on the outside, but because of someone else’s negligence she suffered greatly.”

These injuries are just as serious as any other type of injury, and because of that Philpot wants their clients to take them seriously. If you are injured through the fault of another negligent party, don’t hesitate and take your claim seriously. Philpot will happily meet with you and explain the potential validity of your case, and help you move forward and get your life back together.

Contact Liz and the rest of the Philpot family today of you believe your injury was the cause of another party’s negligence. Don’t wait.

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