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Philpot Cares About Your Workers Compensation Claim

The Philpot family law firm has long made its name with one simple act, caring about its clients. When a client walks into their offices they are immediately treated with kindness and respect, and with genuine care for their problems. When they say that they treat you like family, and nobody fights for you like family, they mean it. In the worker’s compensation world, this is unfortunately rare. Often people who are injured on the job are brushed off, or dealt with too quickly. The Philpot family wants you to understand your workers’ compensation claim, what they can do to help, and make you feel like family.

Irv Philpot, the workers’ compensation expert within the family, tries to be as honest and forward as possible with every client. If he believes your case has merit, he will tell you so, but likewise, he will also tell you if it does not. Irv believes this is the only way to do business, honestly and respectfully. Irv tries to give every client a comprehensive consultation, so that way both parties are on the same page, and fully understand the case.

The Philpot family cares about your workers’ compensation case and wants each of their clients to feel comfortable with their case. This is more than just money and numbers, more than just getting the quickest settlement for your case, it’s getting you your rightful settlement for your case. The Philpots do this because they care, and they want you to leave with a good feeling until your case is closed.

If you feel like your workers’ compensation case is not being taken seriously, or if you have recently been in an accident and want help from a family that actually cares about your well being, contact the Philpot law firm. Irv and his family want to do everything in their power to make your situation right.

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