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The 4th of July, and Drunk Driving Accidents

34.4 million people hit the road annually to celebrate the 4th of July. BBQ, fireworks, good friends, and usually alcohol are all involved. While most people are careful and safe, choosing to stay the night or get a driver service to get them home, many are not. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association states that 40 percent of all highway deaths happen during the 4th of July weekend. Drunk driving accidents have as much in common with the 4th of July as fireworks, and if you were the victim of a drunk driving accident, the consequences can be serious. The lawyers at Philpot Law Firm do not want you to suffer because of the thoughtlessness of another party.

The Philpot’s see an unfortunate increase in car accident cases around the 4th, especially in drunk driving accidents. It is important that you seek out a law firm that is going to work with and for you, not settle the case with an insurance adjuster first thing. Your case is individual, and needs individual attention. The Philpot’s treat every client like family, with in-person meetings, phone calls with real people, and the sole goal of getting your life back together. After a drunk driving accident, you need to know who you can trust. The Philpot family of lawyers has built their reputation on fighting for their client’s best interest.

Don’t wait any longer to start your case, especially if you’re the victim of a drunk driving accident. Your life should not get more difficult because of the poor choices of another. Seek help, and begin your case with a law firm you can trust. The Philpot Law Firm is a family business helping people get their lives back together after tragedy. Reach out today, and start your case. Once you’re a client for the Philpot’s, you are a part of their family, and no one fights for you like family.

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