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Your Rightful Compensation for Your Workers Compensation Claim

The workers compensation system is not geared towards those that get hurt. The bottom line is better if the insurance adjuster can get a person to agree to a lower rate. It may seem great, to receive that money immediately and not have to worry, but it can be fractions of the total worth of a case. The Philpot Family wants to get all of their clients their rightful compensation. They do this through caring about their clients, and being as involved as possible in the process.


The Philpot family starts a workers compensation case by making sure everything is documented. This is an important first step ensuring their clients get their rightful compensation. Documenting everything can work as a safety net when things go wrong later, or help guarantee that in the future their clients are taken care of. This is important because most problems don’t start out as big, life changing issues. Sure there are the obvious issues which need intensive and immediate care, but what about lingering back pain? Continued doctors visits, medical assistance in the long term, or medication? With an insurance adjuster or a cut-rate lawyer that could be the client’s burden, an their quick settlement can quickly dry up.


Getting the rightful compensation also requires follow-through, and attention to detail. Every client is a member of the Philpot family the moment they walk in their doors, and much like family, the Philpots are there thick and thin. Ensuring their client is able to get the rightful amount for their case. Their only goal is to help get their client’s lives back to the way they were before the accident. This one goal makes sure that every client leaves their offices happy and on their way to a brighter future. If you are injured on the job, let the Philpot family of lawyers get you your rightful compensation, and don’t get stuck on the wrong side of a budget.

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