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The Holidays and Drunk Driving

As the weather gets colder, and more and more people gather for the major holidays, the roads unfortunately get more dangerous. Winter weather conditions, paired with a higher likelihood of drinking and driving, mean that the chances of being in a serious accident increase every day after July 4th. This can turn what is supposed to be the merriest time of year on its head. Philpot Law sees an unfortunate increase every year in drunk driving accidents, as well as road condition based accidents.

First and foremost, from everyone at the Philpot Law Firm, please be safe. This time of year, every year, would be better without tragedy. An entire Christmas, New Year, and continuing winter season without an accident would be a blessing. But unfortunately it does happen more often than most would like to admit. And if it does happen, it can change your life forever. Christmas bills are already hard, but tack on mounting medical bills, and car repairs, and the season can be ruined for years to come. Philpot is here to help. The Philpot family wants to help rectify your accident, and help you get your life back together. A drunk driving incident shouldn’t be the Christmas memory.

The Philpot team of injury lawyers will work hard to get your life on track, and allow you to focus on your family and your holidays. If someone is irresponsible enough to get behind the wheel of a car and drunk driving during this holiday season and cause serious harm to you or your family, call Philpot Law Firm, and you will have a family of lawyers with one goal: get you your life back.