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South Carolina trucking accidents rise with the summer heat

Road work can put a damper on travel plans and construction can frustrate drivers when the pace slows to a crawl, or worse yet, to a standstill. But road improvements are crucial to keeping vehicle operators and their passengers safe. With more people on the roads during the summer months, the likelihood of accidents increases, particularly on the highway. A South Carolina interchange construction project was recently the location for deadly car crash that involved multiple vehicles and tractor-trailers.

South Carolina trucking accidents are taking lives

In the blink of an eye, a loved one can be taken from us. An illness or car or trucking accidents can steal away those we love the most. The struggles and day-to-day life that seem so trivial at the time lose their importance once we no longer have a particular family member or dear friend to hold onto any longer. It is especially upsetting when those lost are the ones who make an impact on their communities and others within it, as one South Carolina woman did.

South Carolina trucking accidents and speeding

South Carolina truck drivers have a tremendous responsibility while on the road. The vehicles they are commandeering are larger than most others on the road, and the over-sized trucks are harder to navigate within the limited spaces of most highways. Trucking accidents can occur even under the best of circumstances, as the sheer size and weight make slowing down or stopping to avoid an accident incredibly hard if not impossible.

Fatal trucking accidents often involve passenger vehicles

Many lives in are lost on South Carolina roads every year. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says commercial trucks are involved in one in every 10 fatalities on the country's highways. Most people who lost their lives in trucking accidents were drivers or other occupants in passenger vehicles.

Fatal Trucking Accidents: Driver struck while helping another

Whenever a big rig strikes a motorist in a car, that person may have little chance of survival. Trucking accidents are typically devastating, particularly in crashes that involve passenger vehicles. Even if the driver and passengers in a car survive the crash, injuries are likely to be catastrophic.

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