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South Carolina auto accidents can have a happy outcome

Sending one's children off to school is almost a think-less task. Packing up the backpacks, tying the shoes, zipping the coat and kissing them goodbye when dropping the kids off at the bus stop, daycare center or even at school is how many South Carolina parents spend their mornings. Trusting that all of the adults that will be in charge of or have contact with their children will provide the utmost care with the precious gems is sometimes never given a second thought. But auto accidents occur, and school buses are not exempt.

Simple errors cause of many car accidents in South Carolina

With the increase of population in many areas, the increase of drivers has followed suit. With more and more drivers on the road, the number of car accidents and resulting fatalities increases. A local South Carolina woman has recently lost her life in a fatal car crash.

Deadly auto accidents in South Carolina possible result of DUI

When driving South Carolina roads at the middle of the night, there is usually very little traffic to share the road with. Roads are deserted except for third shift workers and the occasional late night run to the local convenience store, which significantly decreases the likelihood of auto accidents. Sometimes, one will have the ill fate of encountering a driver who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. One local family is grieving the loss of a loved one after a man apparently took to the roads while intoxicated.

Auto accidents in South Carolina continue to take lives

When driving on South Carolina roads, most vehicle operators never expect not to make it to their intended destination. With so many distractions these days, from cell phones, alcohol, radios and other smart devices, the probability of being involved or witnessing auto accidents has increased two-fold. Even the most cautious and experienced drivers are not immune from the possible negligent actions of others on the road.

South Carolina car accidents could result in felony charges

The pull of social interaction and the need to have a good time can be overwhelming for many young adults who have just reached the legal age to consume alcohol. Mix the inexperience of youth with alcohol and driving and the results can lead to deadly car accidents. A South Carolina man recently found himself in an unfortunate position after he chose to get behind the wheel with a passenger after a night of drinking.

Deadly auto accidents in South Carolina result of speeding

South Carolina weekends are often thought as a time to spend with friends and family. Sharing laughter and food has always been a great weekend pastime that brings loved ones together. Traveling to and from these wonderful events are part of the excitement and swelling of those positive feelings. Auto accidents can take away or stain those memories when loved ones are called to identify victims or watch as a family member struggles through recovery.

South Carolina auto accidents: DUI charges after girl, 9, killed

Driving under the influence in South Carolina has ramifications that reach further than the initial accident itself. The aftermath of injuries and fatalities from auto accidents that are a result of drunk drivers who choose to get behind the wheel are often devastating. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can leave lasting scars on the surviving families of those who lose their lives as a result of such poor decisions.

South Carolina auto accidents creep up as weather turns

As the weather begins to turn warmer and the days grow longer, the lure of spring has many South Carolina motorists out and about. Exploring the beautiful change of the seasons and seeing trees and flowers bloom along scenic routes is just one of the many reasons for leisure drives along quiet back roads. Distracted or inebriated drivers pose a huge risk for auto accidents on beautiful spring days while operating a vehicle, to other motorists and to themselves.

South Carolina DUI car accidents continue to claim lives

Driving under the influence is a risky and often deadly decision. Intoxicated drivers are not as cognizant and reflexes can be slowed or impaired. Car accidents that result from DUIs do not always leave the driver as a victim of injury or fatality, but those who are unfortunate enough to be in the same place at the same time may be. Passengers in a vehicle operated by a South Carolina driver who is under the influence may suffer the same fate as the unsuspecting motorist who is out for an afternoon drive. Recently, a young woman lost her life when she rode with a man who police say was driving while the influence.

South Carolina auto accidents increase with incapacitated drivers

Whether driving for work or personal errands, the road can be a very dangerous place. Road conditions, bad weather and irresponsible drivers often make the operation of a motor vehicle a treacherous feat. When drivers are under the influence of narcotics or alcohol, the road becomes even more dangerous and the number of auto accidents increases. Collisions can range from a minor a fender bender to a traumatic tragedy that seriously or fatally injuries drivers, passengers and/or others. Recently, a South Carolina investigative reporter lost his life in an apparent drunk driving crash.

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