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Fourth of July a deadly holiday for motorists

Based on figures from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Fourth of July may be the most dangerous day for South Carolina drivers. The IIHS says that nationwide, it has been the deadliest day of the year for the past 10 years on average. The insurance company Travelers says that for the days leading up to the holiday and on the day itself, insurance claims are 7 percent higher than they are for the Labor Day and Memorial Day holiday weekends.

The dangers of working in confined spaces

South Carolina residents who work in confined spaces are probably aware that it is extremely dangerous. From manholes, holding tanks and pits to boilers, vats, septic tanks and silos, confined spaces have caused numerous fatalities, many of which could have been avoided if safety precautions were in place.

Distracted driving and smartphones

South Carolina drivers should avoid using smartphones while they are behind the wheel. According to the AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety, nearly 90 percent of people aged 19-24 said in a survey they engaged in at least one dangerous activity while driving. Overall, many drivers report dangerous behaviors involving smartphones.

Apple facing a class action lawsuit

South Carolina residents may have heard about a class action lawsuit recently filed against Apple. The suit claims that the company should be held liable for some automobile crashes that were caused by distracted drivers. Specifically, it claims that some drivers were distracted because they were texting or using iPhone apps while driving. The plaintiffs ask that Apple be barred from selling the iPhone 6 in California until it adds a safety lock feature.

Driving tired could be as bad as driving drunk

South Carolina residents may know about the dangers of driving while distracted or impaired. However, they may not be aware that driving while tired may be just as dangerous. According to data from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a driver who has slept four or five hours in a 24-hour period has roughly the same odds of getting into a crash as someone who drove drunk.

Motor vehicle accidents increase on Thanksgiving Day

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that Thanksgiving is the deadliest holiday of the year, and it is urging drivers in South Carolina and around the country to take precautions. These include planning ahead for adverse weather conditions and leaving early enough to avoid speeding to the destination. The NHTSA is also recommending that people check their tires and their windshield wipers so that they will be better prepared for any snowy conditions they might encounter.

Teenage driving safety event

National Teen Driver Safety Week took place in mid-October. However, parents in South Carolina and around the country should promote safe driving habits to their children throughout the year. A 2016 report by the Governors Highway Safety Association shows that teenage drivers had the greatest increase in crash fatalities in 2015 with a 10 percent jump over the previous year. Teenagers are also nearly three times more likely to be killed in a vehicle accident than other age groups.

Government plan aims to end traffic injuries, deaths

An ambitious plan to reduce traffic fatalities to zero within three decades has been announced by the Obama administration, and on Oct. 5, government officials unveiled some of the first initiatives in the plan that they hope will make drivers in South Carolina drivers and throughout the country safer. The first country to adopt such a goal was Sweden in 1997 with a plan called Vision Zero.

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