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Fourth of July a deadly holiday for motorists

Based on figures from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Fourth of July may be the most dangerous day for South Carolina drivers. The IIHS says that nationwide, it has been the deadliest day of the year for the past 10 years on average. The insurance company Travelers says that for the days leading up to the holiday and on the day itself, insurance claims are 7 percent higher than they are for the Labor Day and Memorial Day holiday weekends.

Travelers has issued a list of recommendations for holiday driving that may help keep drivers safer. One is to make sure the car is up to date on all inspections and have it serviced before the holiday. Another is to bring an emergency roadside kit stocked with items such as nonperishable food, water, blankets, jumper cables, road flares and more.

Previewing the route can help prevent the possibility that a person might be distracted when trying to follow a GPS. Other distractions should be avoided as well including eating, talking on a cellphone and reading a map. These can be done during breaks, which are important for avoiding fatigue. Of course, people should not drink and drive. A designated driver, services like Lyft or Uber, or public transportation can be good alternatives.

The result of an accident could be catastrophic injuries. When a person suffers a serious injury in a car accident that is another driver's fault, that injured person may expect the other driver's insurance company to pay for medical expenses and other costs. However, the insurance company might dispute who is at fault in the accident or may offer too little compensation. The driver might also be uninsured. An injured person might want to contact an attorney to discuss the situation and how to best obtain the needed compensation.

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