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Preventing chemical hazards caused by spray paint

South Carolina shipyard workers who are required to spray paint objects as part of their job face serious hazards. Spray paint is not only flammable and poses a fire risk, but the chemicals and toxic substances in the paint and spray mechanism can also cause sickness or death if not used properly, As such, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration provided a fact sheet that could help employers protect workers against the hazards.

The primary hazards for those who work with spray paint include exposure to chemical hazards and exposure to toxic substances. If an employee is using the hazardous chemicals in an area that is not properly ventilated, there is an additional risk for illness or even death. As such, employers are responsible for identifying hazards and protecting employees from exposure risks.

The fact sheet includes a number of tips to help employers protect their workers. For example, employers should ensure that employees use personal protective equipment appropriate for the task at hand when using hazardous chemicals. Atmospheric tests should also be completed frequently to ensure that the concentration level remains below 10 percent of the lower explosive limit. Ventilation should also be used after the painting operations are complete.

If a worker suffers an occupational disease while using hazardous chemicals, workers' compensation benefits may be available. These benefits could include the payment of necessary medical expenses as well as a replacement of a percentage of wages lost during the recovery period. An attorney who has experience with these types of matters can often assist with the preparation and submission of the required claim.

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