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June 2017 Archives

South Carolina workers' compensation for fatally injured?

Construction and industrial employment can be dangerous and even fatal. Working with large machinery and the possible exposure to toxic chemicals can lead to injury while on the job. South Carolina employees who find themselves hurt while working and families who have lost a loved one who has been fatally hurt while on the job have access to workers' compensation benefits. These benefits can help families bridge the financial gap that losing the ability to work can create.

Deadly auto accidents in South Carolina possible result of DUI

When driving South Carolina roads at the middle of the night, there is usually very little traffic to share the road with. Roads are deserted except for third shift workers and the occasional late night run to the local convenience store, which significantly decreases the likelihood of auto accidents. Sometimes, one will have the ill fate of encountering a driver who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. One local family is grieving the loss of a loved one after a man apparently took to the roads while intoxicated.

South Carolina workers' compensation lessens financial gap

Workplace injuries and accidents occur, but seem to be more prevalent in the construction field. Even so, that does not exempt any employee from being injured while on the job. Should an accident or mishap occur while a South Carolina resident is performing his or her work tasks, the benefits of the workers' compensation program are available. This program requires all employers to carry a specific insurance which helps to ease the financial strain on employees should they be hurt while working and unable to earn an income as a result of the injury.

South Carolina trucking accidents rise with the summer heat

Road work can put a damper on travel plans and construction can frustrate drivers when the pace slows to a crawl, or worse yet, to a standstill. But road improvements are crucial to keeping vehicle operators and their passengers safe. With more people on the roads during the summer months, the likelihood of accidents increases, particularly on the highway. A South Carolina interchange construction project was recently the location for deadly car crash that involved multiple vehicles and tractor-trailers.

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