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Widespread support for hair testing of truck drivers

A new drug testing standard for the commercial trucking industry has significant support from numerous stakeholders and may lead to safer highways for South Carolina residents. Congress passed legislation in 2015 requiring that the Department of Health and Human Services provide guidelines for Department of Transportation implementation of hair testing of truck drivers. HHS has failed to act, which has prompted regulators, industry stakeholders and legislators to call for "swift action" and attempt to sidestep HHS.

Hair testing is seen by the various groups pushing for its use as a far more reliable means of identifying drivers most likely to cause semi truck accidents while under the influence of drugs. Hair testing is superior to urine testing, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. Five senators wrote a letter to HHS in May 2017 asking for the completion of guidelines. They stated that the delay has prevented the DOT from enacting its own standards. The letter received support from the American Trucking Association.

House members also addressed this effort to reduce trucker negligence and trucking accidents. Seven representatives, backed by some of the nation's largest commercial carriers, requested that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration allow for the exclusive use of hair testing.

Commercial trucking is a major part of daily life for motorists and passengers that is often not given much thought until a family faces the pain and suffering of a tractor-trailer crash. Driver drug testing, maintenance of the trucking log, and other regulations to reduce the risk of truck driver fatigue and negligence may increase safety, but they have not protected the thousands each year who are injured or die in truck accidents caused by the negligence of truck drivers or their employers. To obtain sufficient compensation, victims and their families may want to work with an attorney who has experience in this type of litigation.

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