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South Carolina car accidents could result in felony charges

The pull of social interaction and the need to have a good time can be overwhelming for many young adults who have just reached the legal age to consume alcohol. Mix the inexperience of youth with alcohol and driving and the results can lead to deadly car accidents. A South Carolina man recently found himself in an unfortunate position after he chose to get behind the wheel with a passenger after a night of drinking.

The 22-year-old male could be charged with felony drunken driving after the car he was driving crashed, killing his passenger. The incident occurred on May 7 around 1:40 a.m. The man was heading west when his vehicle went off the road and struck a curb. The impact of the vehicle striking the curb caused the car to overturn.

The 21-year-old passenger was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle during the accident. He was flown to a local hospital and pronounced dead upon arrival. Authorities are still investigating the accident.

When a driver knowingly operates a vehicle while under the influence, everyone in the car and those who happen to be on the road at the time are potential victims. Car accidents that result from the negligence of a driver who does not understand his or her limits can leave families without a loved one. A South Carolina family who has suffered injury or the loss of a loved one at the hands of an intoxicated driver may seek recourse in civil court. Compensation that may be awarded could help cover medical expenses a final costs.

Source:, "Hilton Head Island man killed in car crash", Joan McDonough, May 7, 2017

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