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Safety and robots in the workplace

South Carolina workers, particularly those in the automotive manufacturingindustry, may increasingly work alongside robots. Robots may be found in many other workplaces including hospital operating rooms, restaurants, classrooms and on farms. However, like all machinery, robots may also malfunction, and when they do, a worker may be injured.

Robot manufacturers and workplaces that use robots engage in extensive safety testing, risk assessment and training to make the use of robots as safe as possible. However, it may not be possible to bring the risk level to zero. In the automotive industry, most accidents involving robots happen during troubleshooting according to one industry observer. For example, a person could be working on the robotic cells when the robot unexpectedly starts up. Furthermore, for many tasks, a robot must be powered up in order to program or troubleshoot. Experts say that many accidents and fatalities happen at this point. Extra vigilance might be the main safety solution that a worker can adopt in this circumstance.

It is anticipated that robots will be used more extensively in the workplace. Even with safety precautions, increased use means more accidents. There may be more lawsuits, and robotics experts may be needed to help identify the causes of accidents whether the manufacturer or a worker is at fault.

Even if an accident is an employee's fault, he or she is still probably eligible for workers' compensation. Employers may discourage applying for compensation or tell workers they are not eligible, but an injured employee might want to consult an attorney. Workers' compensation law and completing a workers' compensation claim may be complex, and if the claim is rejected, it might be necessary to appeal. However, the compensation may be crucial for people who cannot return to their job on a temporary or permanent basis and who thus need to cover medical expenses and make up for lost wages.

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