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OSHA's annual fall prevention event

Falls are a primary cause of fatalities for construction workers around the country, and inadequate fall protection is the violation that is most frequently cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. In an effort to reduce the number of deaths and injuries related to fall, OSHA has launched its annual National Safety Stand-Down Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction. In 2017, the voluntary event will occur May 8-12, and it is intended to spread awareness about falling hazards to employees in South Carolina and other states.

Employers can take time during the event to focus on speaking directly to their employees about workplace safety. They should address protective methods and fall hazards and should specify the safety goals and policies of the company. The event is also a good time for employees to speak with management about existing fall hazards around the workplace.

In addition to having a stand-down by taking a break to have a safety discussion, employers can also conduct other safety activities. This may include creating rescue plans or performing inspections on safety equipment. Managers are urged to make plans for a stand-down that is convenient and appropriate for their workplace.

It is estimated that the campaign has reached 5 million workers in the United States. Previous participants have included sub-and independent contractors, commercial construction companies, general industry employers, residential construction contractors, the United States military and highway construction companies. Others who have includedemployee interest groups, employer's trade associations, safety equipment manufacturers and unions.

Injured workers may want to speak with an attorney if their injuries were a result of an unsafe workplace. The attorney may assist them with filing for workers' compensation benefits, and OSHA could be notified if the unsafe working conditions violated any federal safety regulations.

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