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May 2017 Archives

Don't be crushed by the impact of a tractor-trailer injury claim

What's the difference between a collision between two average-sized cars and an accident that involves a car and tractor-trailer? The answer is: approximately 76,000 pounds! A typical tractor-trailer weighs about 40 tons, which is obviously capable of causing serious damage upon impact. Most motorists who drive on South Carolina highways (or any major freeway in the nation) likely understands how absolutely terrifying it can be when one of these massive commercial vehicles comes barreling close-by in traffic.

South Carolina employees should keep their workers' compensation

Being injured while on the job can have a ripple effect. First, the employee is injured and has the medical and pain-management aspect of the incident. Next comes the financial aspect, which can really put families in a rough spot. When South Carolina workers are hurt on the job, workers' compensation is available to help financially during the time that the injured employee is not able to work.

Auto accidents in South Carolina continue to take lives

When driving on South Carolina roads, most vehicle operators never expect not to make it to their intended destination. With so many distractions these days, from cell phones, alcohol, radios and other smart devices, the probability of being involved or witnessing auto accidents has increased two-fold. Even the most cautious and experienced drivers are not immune from the possible negligent actions of others on the road.

South Carolina car accidents could result in felony charges

The pull of social interaction and the need to have a good time can be overwhelming for many young adults who have just reached the legal age to consume alcohol. Mix the inexperience of youth with alcohol and driving and the results can lead to deadly car accidents. A South Carolina man recently found himself in an unfortunate position after he chose to get behind the wheel with a passenger after a night of drinking.

Workers' compensation for South Carolina workplace injuries

Construction work is booming. The uptick of the economy has led to the need for skilled trade workers to pave more roads, erect tall buildings for both business and pleasure, and provide food and fuel stops in between. With dozers running and hammers hammering, the risks for workplace injuries and deaths are also on the uptick. Should a South Carolina resident be injured in an on-the-job accident, the workers' compensation program is in place to help workers and their families through the financial hard time.

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