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May 2017 Archives

Survey finds construction industry lax on safety

According to a recent study by the National Safety Council, nearly 60 percent of those who work in the construction industry said that safety is not considered as important as getting the job completed. In response, the NSC is saying that construction employers in South Carolina and across the nation should renew a commitment to workplace safety.

Widespread support for hair testing of truck drivers

A new drug testing standard for the commercial trucking industry has significant support from numerous stakeholders and may lead to safer highways for South Carolina residents. Congress passed legislation in 2015 requiring that the Department of Health and Human Services provide guidelines for Department of Transportation implementation of hair testing of truck drivers. HHS has failed to act, which has prompted regulators, industry stakeholders and legislators to call for "swift action" and attempt to sidestep HHS.

Poultry workers face high risks on the job

South Carolina residents may understand how difficult it can be to work in a meat processing plant. According to OSHA severe injury data, chicken and meat processing workers were at a high risk of getting hurt on the job. From January 2015 to September 2016, there were 180 severe injuries reported to OSHA from poultry processing companies. That put the poultry industry 12th overall when it came to the number of such injuries.

Safety and robots in the workplace

South Carolina workers, particularly those in the automotive manufacturingindustry, may increasingly work alongside robots. Robots may be found in many other workplaces including hospital operating rooms, restaurants, classrooms and on farms. However, like all machinery, robots may also malfunction, and when they do, a worker may be injured.

OSHA's annual fall prevention event

Falls are a primary cause of fatalities for construction workers around the country, and inadequate fall protection is the violation that is most frequently cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. In an effort to reduce the number of deaths and injuries related to fall, OSHA has launched its annual National Safety Stand-Down Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction. In 2017, the voluntary event will occur May 8-12, and it is intended to spread awareness about falling hazards to employees in South Carolina and other states.

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