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Workers' compensation for the unimaginable in South Carolina

While working in the construction business in South Carolina, it is common knowledge that accidents can and do happen. Workers are hurt, sent home, and often return after rest or treatment. Workers' compensation is there to help cover the costs associated with a work-related injury, including medical expenses and lost wages, but it also provides benefits to surviving family members cases where the accident caused the death of the worker. Such an accident happened recently in Greenville.

A 48-year-old man was electrocuted while working for a local asphalt company. The incident occurred on April 11, 2017 around 2:20 p.m. The man was paving a road when a dump truck struck a power pole nearby. The force of the impact caused the pole to break and the power line to come down on the man. The victim was pronounced dead on the scene according to the local coroner.

The road that was being paved at the time of the accident was closed during the investigation. The power pole that was struck left around 2,100 customers powerless following the accident. The asphalt company was contacted and declined to offer comment.

When a workplace injury or accident happens in Greenville, South Carolina, or anywhere else in the country, the effects on the victim and his or her family can have a ripple effect. The medical bills can begin to pile up, and lost wages can really place a family in a financial tight spot. When the victim is fatally injured, the impact is often devastating to the surviving family members. With benefits provided by the workers' compensation program, families can receive the financial help they need to see them through the rough patch. In the event that a fatality should occur, the victim's spouse and minor children could receive compensation.

Source:, "Worker electrocuted while paving road in Greenville Co.", April 11, 2017

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