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Workers' compensation for South Carolina manufacturing injuries

Securing a job at a top luxury car manufacturer is ideal for many South Carolina residents. These jobs usually provide stability and a lucrative benefits package. For families trying to support themselves during rough financial times, factory jobs offer a means to put food on the table, shoes on the children's feet and maybe a night out on the town every once in awhile. With the stability of a manufacturing job also comes the risk of injury due to unrealistic demands. When an injury occurs, workers' compensation helps to cover families.

Many would not consider manufacturing auto parts to be an extremely dangerous job. Amputation and serious injury do occur and often leave employees unable to fulfill their previous job duties. With high demands of output and workers putting in more hours, the opportunity for injury to occur while on the job rises considerably.

The right-to-work states in the South usually have very few unions established within the workplace. This leads to less accountability on management's part to ensure the safety of employees. With the unrealistic goals set for the number of manufactured parts completed, many employees are working more hours to meet deadlines. More work hours and less downtime lead to employee burnout, accidents and injuries tend to rise.

With the need to fulfill family financial obligations, many South Carolina manufacturing employees work long hours. When employees don't have time to recharge or sleep, workplace accidents and injuries can happen. Should an injury or death occur while on the job, the workers' compensation benefits program offers financial compensation to help cover lost wages and medical costs resulting from the injury. A skilled attorney familiar with workers' compensation laws and the filing and appeals process can help injured workers and their families make it through that challenging time.

Source:, "Alabama's Auto Suppliers: A Dangerous Place for Workers", Andrew Yeager, March 31, 2017

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