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Distracted driving and smartphones

South Carolina drivers should avoid using smartphones while they are behind the wheel. According to the AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety, nearly 90 percent of people aged 19-24 said in a survey they engaged in at least one dangerous activity while driving. Overall, many drivers report dangerous behaviors involving smartphones.

AT&T has a campaign called It Can Wait aimed at preventing distracted driving. It reports 70 percent of people use their smartphones while behind the wheel. Most drivers said they kept their smartphones handy. Almost 40 percent of them said they used social media while driving. More than a quarter of them used Facebook, and 14 percent used Twitter. Other activities people reported included video chatting, shooting a video, using Instagram, and sending emails or texts.

Annually, distracted driving kills up to 6,000 people and injures as many as 600,000 more. In comparison, drunk driving causes around 290,000 injuries each year. The organization is encouraging parents to set good examples for their children regarding distracted driving. This might include making a rule that devices must be shut off when the car is turned on.

An accident caused by a distracted driver might lead to catastrophic injuries for occupants of other vehicles. Unlike drunk driving, distracted driving might not be as easy for police to identify as the cause of an accident. However, a distracted driver may still be held responsible even if there are no criminal charges filed. If the driver's insurance company is not willing to pay enough compensation to cover the injured victim's expenses, an attorney might try to negotiate a higher payment. A civil suit may also be a possibility.

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