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Deadly auto accidents in South Carolina result of speeding

South Carolina weekends are often thought as a time to spend with friends and family. Sharing laughter and food has always been a great weekend pastime that brings loved ones together. Traveling to and from these wonderful events are part of the excitement and swelling of those positive feelings. Auto accidents can take away or stain those memories when loved ones are called to identify victims or watch as a family member struggles through recovery.

A car crash occurred on April 23 just before 6 p.m. on a back road in South Carolina. The 27-year-old driver was allegedly going too fast and lost control of his vehicle. His car hit another vehicle that was heading toward him on the roadway.

The driver of the offending vehicle was transported to a local hospital. He later succumbed to multiple injuries. Two passengers in his vehicle and the driver of the other car were also taken to a local a hospital.

While family members sit vigil, the mounting medical bills, lost wages and uncertainty creep up and in. What can a South Carolina family do when one of their own has been injured in a car accident and the alleged driver at fault has died? An attorney can investigate the events and direct the family in the best course of action to take regarding the case. The estate of the deceased could be responsible for compensating the living or deceased victims of any auto accidents that result in injury or death when the driver has passed. These monies, if awarded, could be used to cover final expenses, medical costs, lost wages and other permissible damages. 

Source:, "1 killed, 3 injured in head on crash, troopers say", April 24, 2017

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