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Staying safe when working as a landscaper

For South Carolina employees who spend most of their working under the hot sun as landscapers, the risks of heat exposure and repetitive hard work could result in serious injuries, illnesses and time that they cannot work. However, there are ways that employers and employees can prevent an injury from occurring.

It is estimated that approximately 200 landscapers die annually due to the various hazards that they will encounter while on the job. As such, it is extremely important that they protect themselves by wearing the right type of head gear. In fact, OSHA has provisions requiring that workers who are working below heavy equipment or other workers wear appropriate safety gear. Maintaining tools vital to the job can also prevent injuries.

When employees are working around heavy machinery, they should be aware of how the machinery works. If a piece of heavy equipment is not used correctly, workers can cause injuries to themselves and others. If repairs are needed, employees should be properly trained to repair the equipment. They should also ensure that the equipment is turned off and any moving parts have stopped before beginning to repair the item.

Even relatively minor workplace accidents can result in lost wages and costly medical bills. If an employee becomes injured while on the job, a worker's compensation attorney may help the worker file a claim for benefits. The attorney may also help determine whether the employee is eligible for temporary disability. This compensation could be used to pay bills and other expenses during the recovery period.

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