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OSHA campaign aimed at safer workplaces

South Carolina employees may enjoy safer working conditions due to an initiative by the Occupational Safety and Health Association. OSHA has rolled out a "Safe and Sound Campaign" to encourage companies to review their safety and health programs and take steps to protect workers.

The desire to protect workers from illness and injury may not be the only source of motivation for employers. Workers' compensation costs companies around $1 billion each week.

Effective workplace safety programs share similar elements. They are supported by both management and employees. This means that management offers resources and ongoing support for safety programs while employees are empowered to participate by finding solutions for dealing with workplace hazards. Both groups are also encouraged to identify problems before an illness or injury occurs.

OSHA offers a number of resources to companies that want to create safety and health programs or improve the ones they already have. They range from consultations to a getting started guide on its website and more. Some small businesses may be eligible for a year-long exemption from OSHA inspections.

Not all workplaces are as informed or compliant about safety and health as they should be, and some supervisors and employers might not have accurate information about workers' compensation. A person who is injured on the job or becomes ill as a result of unsafe working conditions may want to speak with an attorney about his or her rights. Oftentimes, an employee is eligible for workers' compensation even if his or her own actions caused the accident. Furthermore, employers are not supposed to retaliate against workers who apply for these benefits. A lawyer may be able to assist an injured worker with filing for workers' compensation and help him or her file an appeal if necessary.

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