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March 2017 Archives

South Carolina trucking accidents are taking lives

In the blink of an eye, a loved one can be taken from us. An illness or car or trucking accidents can steal away those we love the most. The struggles and day-to-day life that seem so trivial at the time lose their importance once we no longer have a particular family member or dear friend to hold onto any longer. It is especially upsetting when those lost are the ones who make an impact on their communities and others within it, as one South Carolina woman did.

South Carolina auto accidents creep up as weather turns

As the weather begins to turn warmer and the days grow longer, the lure of spring has many South Carolina motorists out and about. Exploring the beautiful change of the seasons and seeing trees and flowers bloom along scenic routes is just one of the many reasons for leisure drives along quiet back roads. Distracted or inebriated drivers pose a huge risk for auto accidents on beautiful spring days while operating a vehicle, to other motorists and to themselves.

What factors played a role in your truck accident?

The transportation of goods across the country by way of semi trucks is an important part of the American economy. While these vehicles do have a valuable role, they can actually be sources of serious or fatal injury to people in smaller vehicles. Truck accidents often cause detrimental consequences, but South Carolina victims do not have to suffer alone.

Workers' compensation in South Carolina for on-the-job fatalities

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has set in place strict guidelines and enforceable laws which employers must follow to help keep their employees safe while they are working on the job. Most business owners are diligent and make their employees' safety a top priority. Even with the best of practices and guidelines diligently observed, accidents and fatalities can and do still occur. Should a South Carolina resident suffer a work-related injury or a family member lose his or her life while working on the job, the workers' compensation program can provide benefits to help ease the financial burden a workplace accident or fatality can cause.

South Carolina DUI car accidents continue to claim lives

Driving under the influence is a risky and often deadly decision. Intoxicated drivers are not as cognizant and reflexes can be slowed or impaired. Car accidents that result from DUIs do not always leave the driver as a victim of injury or fatality, but those who are unfortunate enough to be in the same place at the same time may be. Passengers in a vehicle operated by a South Carolina driver who is under the influence may suffer the same fate as the unsuspecting motorist who is out for an afternoon drive. Recently, a young woman lost her life when she rode with a man who police say was driving while the influence.

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