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February 2017 Archives

Workers' compensation death benefits in South Carolina

Many companies have in place rules and guidelines along with procedures and inspections to ensure that all employees are kept safe while on the job. While laws do dictate to South Carolina employers a certain level of safety requirements, most employers go above and beyond. But, sometimes the unthinkable or unplanned happens and someone gets hurt while on the job or, even worse, is fatally injured. To protect not only Greenville workers but also their employers, the workers' compensation insurance benefits program is available should someone fall victim to a job-related injury.

South Carolina trucking accidents and speeding

South Carolina truck drivers have a tremendous responsibility while on the road. The vehicles they are commandeering are larger than most others on the road, and the over-sized trucks are harder to navigate within the limited spaces of most highways. Trucking accidents can occur even under the best of circumstances, as the sheer size and weight make slowing down or stopping to avoid an accident incredibly hard if not impossible.

Workers' compensation for work injuries in South Carolina

Work-related injuries can happen at any moment, to any employee and at any workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration dictates strict regulations with which business owners must comply. Even with the strictest of regulations and the most diligent of employers, accidents still occur. From small mishaps to fatal injuries, workers' compensation may be available if a South Carolina employee is eligible and the accident occurred while he or she was on the job.

South Carolina auto accidents increase with incapacitated drivers

Whether driving for work or personal errands, the road can be a very dangerous place. Road conditions, bad weather and irresponsible drivers often make the operation of a motor vehicle a treacherous feat. When drivers are under the influence of narcotics or alcohol, the road becomes even more dangerous and the number of auto accidents increases. Collisions can range from a minor a fender bender to a traumatic tragedy that seriously or fatally injuries drivers, passengers and/or others. Recently, a South Carolina investigative reporter lost his life in an apparent drunk driving crash.

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