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Sprains and strains still common among construction workers

Construction workers in South Carolina and around the country have some of the nation's most dangerous jobs, and a report from the Center for Construction Research and Training reveals sprains, strains and other musculoskeletal injuries are more common in construction than in all other industrial sectors combined. These injuries are most often the result of overexertion, but they can also be caused by overwork, bending or twisting and exposure to vibration.

Increasingly comprehensive OSHA regulations, more intensive training programs and ergonomically designed tools have helped to reduce the number of construction-related musculoskeletal injuries from slightly fewer than 55,000 in 1992 to about 18,000 in 2014, but sprains and strains remain a major problem for construction companies and their workers. Older workers are especially susceptible, and the share of construction site sprains and strains suffered by workers aged 55 and older nearly doubled between 1992 and 2014.

Delays can be ruinously expensive in construction, and workers who suffered sprains or strains in 2014 missed work for an average of 13 days. In 1992, construction workers were generally back at their jobs only eight days after suffering a musculoskeletal injury. This amount of time off work costs workers millions in lost wages, and it is not only manual laborers who are filing workers' compensation claims. The CCRT study reveals that injury rates were also high among masons, sheet metal workers and heating and air conditioning specialists.

Recovering from a musculoskeletal injury can be a slow and painful process, and the risk of being reinjured is high. Attorneys with experience in the workers' compensation claims process could help to ensure that their clients apply for all of the benefits available to them, and they could also appear at subsequent appeals hearings on their behalf should their employers contest their claims.

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