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Researchers plan a phone app that can assess work injury risks

Factory employees in South Carolina and the rest of the country work tirelessly to prepare, produce, package and ship the products that consumers buy. The repetitive motions that they do every day can cause a range of musculoskeletal injuries. Measuring the risks of these injuries is essential to protecting workers. Despite current methods providing reasonable predictions, researchers are creating a better way with smartphone technology.

As of December 2016, health and safety experts use a zero-to-10 scale to make subjective risk assessments of hand activity. However, this takes a lot of training, expertise and time. They also have to follow several individuals for long periods, and even after all of that, there is a lot of room for human error.

An industrial systems of engineering professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison wants to solve these issues to keep workers safe. He and an electrical and computer engineering professor at the university have received funding from federal health and safety agencies for their efforts. So far, they have developed visual algorithms for computers to calculate levels of hand activity.

The next step in their research is to use video footage to create a new way to assess the risks of injury. The new method will use the videos to track and visualize repetitive motions to establish patterns and predict risks. The end goal is to make this accessible through a smartphone app, putting risk assessment at the fingertips of manufacturing employers. All they would need to do is record the actions of their staff on a video-enabled device with the app. Then they could use the results to adjust health and safety policies, reducing the risks of injury.

Despite the efforts of health and safety experts and employers, thousands of workers still become injured at work every year. Most injured workers are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Although it doesn't eliminate their pain and suffering, the benefits may help to relieve the financial strain from being out of work during recovery.

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