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Preventing suspension trauma after a fall

South Carolina employees who work at great heights face many hazards, including falling. While many employees use fall arrest personal protective equipment to keep themselves safe, there are risks involved. These risks can be overlooked, so employers and employees should be aware of complications when the personal arrest systems are in use.

When employees wearing fall arrest personal protective equipment fall, they will be held suspended in their full-body harness. This can cause them to lose blood flow to their legs and suffer from suspension trauma, also known as orthostatic intolerance. Additional symptoms can include weakness, dizziness, sweating and even fainting. In rare cases, it can even lead to death if the employee is left suspended while unconscious.

It is recommended by OSHA that employers respond promptly when a worker falls and becomes suspended. While rescue should happen within six minutes of the fall, employers can provide suspension trauma relief steps so that the employee can stand up when suspended. This can prevent blood from pooling in the legs. An integrated self-rescue harness system, on the other hand, can allow employees to lower themselves down to the ground, making rescue faster and easier.

These types of construction site accidents could leave victims facing expensive medical costs while potentially losing their paycheck, making it difficult to pay their bills. Most employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance coverage, and the benefits that are available thereunder could help to ease the financial burden. An attorney can often be of assistance in preparing and submitting the required claim documentation.

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