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January 2017 Archives

Navigating a personal injury claim? Legal counsel can help

Car accidents -- even those described as minor -- can have devastating consequences. Some injuries that are not immediately evident can lead to chronic pain and ongoing medical expenses for years after the accident. If you do not consult with a physician after the crash, the lack of medical records may make it difficult to claim compensation from a negligent driver who caused the crash.

Workers' compensation in South Carolina benefits families

Most South Carolina workers and employers understand the importance of safety on the job. Many codes and laws are in place to protect the workers and the companies for which they work. When a work-related injury or death does occur, victims and their families are typically covered under the workers' compensation insurance benefits program.

Car accidents are far too often the result of intoxicated drivers

South Carolina residents have probably experienced or have seen the aftermath of an automobile crash. Whether motorists are distracted with cell phones, passengers or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the resulting car accidents can be devastating. A 31-year-old woman has recently been charged with one count of felony DUI resulting in death and one count of felony DUI resulting in great bodily injury.

DUI car accidents in South Carolina often prove to be fatal

Many factors can contribute to car accidents in South Carolina, such as driver negligence, speeding or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Driving under the influence can cost the driver his or her life and/or the lives of others. Intoxicated drivers are typically not aware of surroundings, and their reflexes are slowed or impaired, which increases the likelihood of car accidents. Recently, a 75-year-old man lost his life in Lexington after a 29-year-old woman got behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Report: Work comp costs for U.S. businesses reach nearly $60B

Every year, employers across the nation eagerly anticipate the release of the Liberty Mutual Research Institute's Workplace Safety Index, which ranks the top 10 work injury causes over the previous year in terms of workers' compensation costs.

Fatal trucking accidents often involve passenger vehicles

Many lives in are lost on South Carolina roads every year. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says commercial trucks are involved in one in every 10 fatalities on the country's highways. Most people who lost their lives in trucking accidents were drivers or other occupants in passenger vehicles.

Workers' compensation: Claims after amputation can be challenging

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued citations to a lumber mill in another state with facilities in South Carolina after an investigation into a workplace accident. The victim is likely entitled to seek assistance with the medical expenses by filing benefits claims with the workers' compensation program of his state. According to OSHA, this is not the first amputation injury suffered at this company that employs 300 workers at facilities in four states.

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