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January 2017 Archives

Apple facing a class action lawsuit

South Carolina residents may have heard about a class action lawsuit recently filed against Apple. The suit claims that the company should be held liable for some automobile crashes that were caused by distracted drivers. Specifically, it claims that some drivers were distracted because they were texting or using iPhone apps while driving. The plaintiffs ask that Apple be barred from selling the iPhone 6 in California until it adds a safety lock feature.

Sprains and strains still common among construction workers

Construction workers in South Carolina and around the country have some of the nation's most dangerous jobs, and a report from the Center for Construction Research and Training reveals sprains, strains and other musculoskeletal injuries are more common in construction than in all other industrial sectors combined. These injuries are most often the result of overexertion, but they can also be caused by overwork, bending or twisting and exposure to vibration.

Preventing suspension trauma after a fall

South Carolina employees who work at great heights face many hazards, including falling. While many employees use fall arrest personal protective equipment to keep themselves safe, there are risks involved. These risks can be overlooked, so employers and employees should be aware of complications when the personal arrest systems are in use.

NHTSA looks to implement 'driver mode' on smartphones

While many South Carolina drivers understand the dangers of distracted driving, lots of motorists still use their smartphones while driving. To prevent distracted driving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed a set of guidelines for smartphones and other devices that may be used in cars. Public comments will be accepted on the proposed guidelines until Feb. 3.

Researchers plan a phone app that can assess work injury risks

Factory employees in South Carolina and the rest of the country work tirelessly to prepare, produce, package and ship the products that consumers buy. The repetitive motions that they do every day can cause a range of musculoskeletal injuries. Measuring the risks of these injuries is essential to protecting workers. Despite current methods providing reasonable predictions, researchers are creating a better way with smartphone technology.

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