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Workers' compensation and the health care industry

South Carolina residents who work in the health care industry have demanding jobs. Although many people don't realize this, it can be a dangerous profession as well. A risk consulting firm has released a report dealing with workers' compensation in the health care industry, and the results are sobering.

The report analyzed data from approximately 1,600 hospitals and other types of health care facilities across the country. It found that although the frequency at which health care workers' compensation claims are filed are expected to decrease by 1 percent annually, the severity of the injuries covered by such claims will increase by 2 percent.

One reason for this is the aging work force in some segments. More than half of nurses are over the age of 50, and these individuals are more prone to neck injuries, back injuries and repetitive motion injuries while performing their job duties.

Additional factors that are contributing to increased workplace injuries include OSHA violations, occupational diseases, and workplace violence. Health care workers have been increasingly subjected to violence in the workplace in recent years from unruly patients and co-workers. More than 90 percent of the survey respondents said that they had either been the victim of or had witnessed such behavior in the past three years.

Although hospitals have safety protocols in place to try to prevent them, workplace injury accidents will continue to occur. Nurses and other hospital employees will most likely be covered by their employer's workers' compensation insurance policy, and they may want to have the assistance of a lawyer when preparing and filing their claim for benefits.

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