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OSHA is close to issuing fall protection rule

South Carolina employees who work on elevated surfaces are at risk for falls, especially when their employers do not provide appropriate fall protection equipment. To protect them, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fall protection rules that employers are obligated to follow. A proposed rule for fall protection systems may soon be implemented.

OSHA's proposed rule for fall protection passed through the White House Office of Management and Budget in early October. The proposal for the new rule was first drafted in 1990 and then updated in 2010 to reflect new industry practices and national standards. OSHA wanted the standards for general industry to be as similar to construction and shipyard industry standards as possible.

A statement from OSHA said that the safety standards that exist today recognize that physical barriers and guardrails are the main fall protection methods for general industry. However, the standards do not recognize personal fall protection systems. With the proposed rule, OSHA believes that employers will be able to decide what kind of fall protection will work the best for their workplace. OSHA has stated that the rule could save 20 lives and prevent more than 3,000 injuries each year.

Falling from an elevated surface at work can lead to very serious injuries. People who have been injured in such a manner may be eligible to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits under their employer's insurance coverage. An attorney might be of assistance both in the preparation and filing of the claim as well as advocating on behalf of a worker at an appeals hearing if the claim is disputed or denied.

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