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Obama's Latest Edict: No More Auto Crash Deaths

ABC News recently reported on President Obama's new goal to eliminate car crash mortality and morbidity within 30 years. At first look, it might seem an unrealistically ambitious aim. However, US Transportation Department officials agree it is, indeed, possible, if new safety programs and advancing technologies are fully embraced.

The department cites human error as responsible for 94% of all US traffic fatalities. As such, the advent and continuous improvement of self-driving vehicles will dramatically reduce such deaths. But humanoid measures will be taken as well. Namely, the Transportation Department plans to increase the use of safety measures including speed bumps or rumble strips, and continue its promotion of public awareness programs that focus on reducing distracted driving and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Preserving Lives And Productivity 

Fewer accidents does not only mean fewer deaths. Auto accidents are a major drain on the national economy, and safer driving will represent a great deal of savings that will impact our GDP. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that motor vehicle crashes cost the country up to $1 trillion each year in loss of productivity and loss of life.

At a more basic level, a study conducted by the Insurance Research Council revealed that medical expenses due to traffic accidents are increasing at a higher rate than inflation. Between 2007 and 2012, the financial losses incurred by injured individuals increased by 8% annually. Simply put, every crash costs more than it used to, and crashes are more frequent than they used to be.

The Future of Vehicle Safety

The Obama Administration has set a worthy and feasible goal, especially given how many lives are touched - and ruined - due to serious automobile accidents. We are approaching a new frontier, one where more lives (and the economic productivity they engender) can be preserved.

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