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October 2016 Archives

Teenage driving safety event

National Teen Driver Safety Week took place in mid-October. However, parents in South Carolina and around the country should promote safe driving habits to their children throughout the year. A 2016 report by the Governors Highway Safety Association shows that teenage drivers had the greatest increase in crash fatalities in 2015 with a 10 percent jump over the previous year. Teenagers are also nearly three times more likely to be killed in a vehicle accident than other age groups.

OSHA is close to issuing fall protection rule

South Carolina employees who work on elevated surfaces are at risk for falls, especially when their employers do not provide appropriate fall protection equipment. To protect them, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fall protection rules that employers are obligated to follow. A proposed rule for fall protection systems may soon be implemented.

Government plan aims to end traffic injuries, deaths

An ambitious plan to reduce traffic fatalities to zero within three decades has been announced by the Obama administration, and on Oct. 5, government officials unveiled some of the first initiatives in the plan that they hope will make drivers in South Carolina drivers and throughout the country safer. The first country to adopt such a goal was Sweden in 1997 with a plan called Vision Zero.

Obama's Latest Edict: No More Auto Crash Deaths

ABC News recently reported on President Obama's new goal to eliminate car crash mortality and morbidity within 30 years. At first look, it might seem an unrealistically ambitious aim. However, US Transportation Department officials agree it is, indeed, possible, if new safety programs and advancing technologies are fully embraced.

Workers' compensation and the health care industry

South Carolina residents who work in the health care industry have demanding jobs. Although many people don't realize this, it can be a dangerous profession as well. A risk consulting firm has released a report dealing with workers' compensation in the health care industry, and the results are sobering.

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